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Capital Injections

The Asisa Ventures Fund is able to provide businesses with a range of financial option tailored to the business needs, whether it is debt, equity or a mezzanine facility - the Fund is committed to finding the right solution for each portfolio company

Expert Support

In addition to providing financial support, the unique Post Investment Programme operated by the Fund allows businesses to tap into legal, administrative, operational and strategic support from within the deal team, as well as industry experts


The Fund also seeks to connect portfolio companies with capital contributors to the fund, potential suppliers, new customers and other portfolio companies across all Funds managed by Edge Growth

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Asisa Ventures Mandate

The Asisa Ventures fund was started to address a dual need in the market: Large corporates could benefit from deploying capital into small business with high growth potential. Tax efficient structures such as Venture Capital Companies (VCCs) and Broad Based Black Economic Empowered (BBB-EE) fund managers to manage this capital is often hard to find

Small businesses, on the other hand, often struggle to expand quickly enough to meet the needs of larger customers. This is often as a result of not being able to access growth capital, which is often because of a track record which is not sufficient to access the required finacial support.

The Asisa Ventures Fund thus provides a unique solution - a fund management solution for large organisations and a business support solution for small companies

Edge Growth as Fund Manager

The unique ability to service both small companies and large coporates through bridging the divide is a direct result of a decade of being a pioneer in the space - Edge growth was founded on the principal of supporting small businesses through empowerment initiatives.

The most established Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Fund Manager in the market, Edge currently manages 3 different funds and over half a billion Rands of ESD investments for clients who want to own their ESD strategies but outsource the non-core activity of fund management.

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Portfolio Companies

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Business Support Hours

Fund Contributors

Fund Targets

Capital Deployed

With an estimated R500 million under management by the close of the fund, it is expected that around R100 million will be deployed each year until 2022.


Capital Raising

While the existing Asisa Investor Base has contributed a significant portion of total funds expected, the Asisa Ventures Fund is still open for further contributions.

Investment Timeline

Asisa Ventures has a 5 to 7 year exit horizon, with a deployment start date of Q4 in 2017.

Portfolio Companies

It is expected that Asisa will eventually support up to 100 SMEs in achieving 10x Growth

Our Team


Richard Chapman


Richard Chapman has 15 years’ industry experience. He has held a number of finance and strategy consulting roles before serving as regional head for Edge Growth. He worked for Investec and holds an MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business.


Greg McDonald

Fund Manager

Greg McDonald has more than 10 years’ experience in growing and expanding businesses, having previously worked at both Monitor and FNB. He currently serves as Fund Manager for Edge. He holds an MSc in Physics and an MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business.


Greg Macfarlane

Fund Manager

Greg Macfarlane worked in numerous supply chain and financial management roles before joining Edge Growth. He has held an Investment Principal role on the Fund Team at Edge for three years. Greg completed an MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business.


Bianca Robinson

Post Investment Manager

Bianca Robinson worked in several financial services positions before taking on her current role as head of Post Invesment Management at Edge. She has spent time at Coronation, Allan Gray and Accenture. She holds a BSc in Business Science from UCT.

The Asisa Edge


Sheraan Amod

Executive Director, RecoMed

As a business, we have not come across another investor or potential investor with such a deep understanding of the drivers of value in our day to day operations. The Asisa partnership has absolutely been the right next step for us.


Leon Campher

Founder of Coronation

I firmly believe that the timing of a unified savings and investment industry association could not have been better and I am proud of the fact that the industry I represent achieved this.


Johan Van Zyl

Chief Executive Officer, Sanlam

This Asisa solution allows SMEs to be the best they can be. Initiatives like this prove that our industry is serious about making a difference to the long-term development and strengthening of the socio-economic fabric of our country.

Portfolio Companies


Industrial Investments

Asisa Ventures will look to partner with businesses across industries, from solar to manufacturing and a great deal in between. The team has vast experience working with a range of entrepeneurs across sectors. Judante is one example of this type of investment.

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Technology Deals

Technology Deals

With a lot of innovation in the technology space, including Fin-tech and e-health, the Asisa Ventures Fund is geared to support groundbreaking businesses at the cutting edge of new developments. RecoMed, for example, is a pioneer in the medical booking space.

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Professional Services

The fund balances technology and industrial investments with a range of professional services, especially where there is a demonstrated procurement need for the wider Asisa network. Liquid Thought provides a solution for clients looking to address their digital presence.

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Financial Services

Financial services companies looking to expand their footprint, or those looking to get a foothold in the market, are able to apply for funding from Asisa Ventures. Atisa, a subsidiary of African Alliance, is a leading stockbroker in providing trading execution to asset managers.

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Feel free to send an email for funding queries, or to reach out about contributing to the fund.

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